Black Tint PVC Bag

Size Guide
  • Our latest must-have accessory is The HOF Black Tinted Tote. It's 100% made from recycled plastic, re-usable and waterproof, which make it perfect to carry, groceries, books, laptops and more. 
    The recycled PVC means you can feel good knowing it's been created using reclaimed and up-cycled materials, helping us stay conscious and reduce our carbon footprint -  all the things we're conscious about as a small business. 
    With it's black tint colour, it means you can conceal items you don't want to be seen and yet still look uber stylish with its tint and shine.
    It comes with an extra long bespoke handle for us tall ladies, and is 38cm in length and 10cm in depth - Large enough for an A4 folder.

    • Lightweight design
    • Made from 100% recycled plastic 
    • 100% re-usable
    • Waterproof
    • High grade and Durable
  • FIT

    • Strap Hight: 35cm
    • Width: 35cm
    • Length: 38cm
    • Depth: 10cm 


    • 100% Recycled PVC