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February 20, 2020 3 min read

If you’re like us, you’ve been obsessed with every photo we’ve seen of Yogi and Model Daniela Rose in everything HOF. 

So much we had to interview the beauty to find out a little more on her effortless look and beauty style. 

Height: 187cm

Location: Melbourne, Australia or Santa Monica, California 

Occupation/s? Yoga Teacher & Model

What does a typical day look like for you?

Two days never look the same in the modelling arena. Nothing is for certain, however one thing that is consistent and non-negotiable is my daily meditation and yoga practice!


Best thing about being tall? 

  • You always have the best views at concerts.
  • Your mates are always able to locate you.
  • Having the ability to reach for the bag of spinach at the back of the supermarket shelf… because supposedly it’s fresher than the one out front! (I know you do it too - don’t lie!)
  • When you make eye contact with another tall girl and you both smile and nod as a sign of YAS queen I see you!

    Favourite go-to fashion item? 

    I love a long structured trench coat, that synchs in at the waist to show off my figure.

    Best Tall Styling Tip?

    I don’t care how tall you are! If you feel like wearing heels with the outfit, wear the darn heels! By you being unapologetically yourself and owning your height, it inspires others to do the same. I purchased 6 inch heels from Steve Madden with my first pay check. My boyfriend at the time was a little shorter than me and I would wear these heels out all the time. 


    The versatile, Polka-Dot Jumpsuit. Perfect white shirt with a twist: The White Dot Shirt. Jacquline styles it with slick leather leggings and a wide brim hat.

    You're favourite thing recently?

    Becoming a plant mum and watching my plant babies prosper.

    Their names are Jamima, Carmela, Fernando & Agatha. 

    Your go-to style?  

    I alternate between active wear and my casting outfit; consisting of black jeans (from HOF) and a black body suit and belt.

    What's something about you that no one would ever know or guess?  

    I speak Croatian fluently and I love trance music.

    Heels or no heels?

    HEELS all the way! The higher they are, the closer you are to heaven.

    Pet peeves of being tall? 

    People starting a sentence with, “Hey, can I ask you a question.”

    Which is generally followed by, “Do you play basketball/volleyball?”

    I like when people get a little more creative with their approach! :)

    Jumpsuits that give tall girls camel toes.


    Your tall inspirations? 

    • My mother who raised me to be confident in my own skin! She’s 6’4” and an absolute powerhouse!
    • Zanna van Dijk
    • Karlie Kloss


    What would like to see more of for tall women?  


    A bad ass #bossbabe tailored suit, ideally in white.

    Maxi dresses that actually touch the ground.


    Your plans for your business/blog/branding next?


    Continue living in my truth, while encouraging people to be unapologetically themselves and making their health (physical & mental) a number one priority!


    One thing you'd like to say to your younger self?


    Dear Child,


    Slow down and smell the roses, look up and take in the beauty surrounding you, everything is unfolding just the way it should be. Don’t ever second guess your gut feelings, because they’re always right! Your unique qualities are a blessing, so stop wasting energy on wishing them away.


    Love your future self!