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Whether you're buying from us for the first time or returning to purchase again, we want to ensure you are made aware of our values and customer promise in garment quality and love for you as part of our tall girl family.

We continuously spend a significant amount of time and attention to detail in all of our production runs to ensure every single garment is made perfect for you. We use only the highest quality fabric to ensure it's soft on your skin but also durable in being able to withstand multiple use and wear and tear. 

We are not a fast fashion brand and therefore make only a small quantity of garments to ensure we are not contributing to landfill or mass consumption. And most importantly, each and everyone of our manufacturers has undergone scrutiny to ensure their practices and production is ethical, sustainable and fair in trade with verification and qualification.

To say we're proud to bring you luxe design and well priced garments that are 100% ethical in production would be an understatement.

As a small business we work extremely hard to ensure this standard and we can only do that with your support and custom, so from us to you. Thank you.  


Our garments are proportioned to fit the Tall Woman perfectly.

♥ Shoulders and necklines are proportioned for a more flattering look

♥ Torso, backs and armhole drops are elongated to fit without causing discomfort, chafing or rising.

♥ Skirt and dresses fit without skimming your bum and sleeves are lengthened for long arms

♥ Our trousers are made for long legs and range in 34" - 38" inside seam

We pride ourselves on bringing you collections that are luxe in stylish, look, colour and design. We understand that tall girls want to look and feel sexy too - not hide away in frumpy clothing that is dated or unflattering. We're the A-Game to your tall glamorous wardrobe and shopping needs. Tired of settling for cheap, crap quality? So were we. As a promise, we make sure all of our garments are of premium quality yet soft in fabric to last longer than a couple of wears. And, the hundred of ★★★★★ reviews we receive from you tell us you love this too. Checkout our Lookbook and Instagram for inspiration on how to wear and pair our tall garments.

There's nothing more important to us than building a strong, empowering Sisterhood with our brand. Height-Of-Fashion is immersed in building confidence and bringing tall women together. With Founder Natalie Matthews, who stands at 6'3". We know all too well the frustrations you've faced over the years in shopping limitations, tall girl problems and annoying comments you receive. Hell YES Sister, we've heard 'um all! But, that's exactly why Nat created this brand. Being able to relate on every level as a tall women means we're focused on creating huge change in stylish clothing options, social acceptance of height and the strange perception that tall girls only want unflattering long clothes! Like WTAF! Finally you say! Someone that gets length and style! OH YAS. We're here to help you feel every inch of AMAZING as a Tall Woman.

The textile industry is one of the worlds biggest contributors when it comes to industrial waste. As a niche, we pride ourselves on being environmentally responsible and keeping our carbon footprint in check by ordering only small and necessary volumes. While this does mean it's harder to compete on price, fabrics and style. It means we are conscious in helping save our planet. Being Ethical and showing Equality is super important and integral to us. These make up our values and form part of our ethos. Plus, it means we can sleep easy, knowing that our workforce get paid equally and are treated fairly. Our Manufacturers each carry a SA8000 International Social Compliance Certificate as well as an ISO9001 Certificate in Consistency & Quality.