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July 25, 2023 6 min read

Interview with:  Allison Day
Professional Basketball Player 
Where are you From:USA 

Walking Tall: How does being a tall girl influence your fashion choices and outfit selection for a night market experience?

When choosing my outfit for the night market I wanted to keep in mind the temperature and overall vibe of the night market. It being a little on the colder side because it the market is basically outdoors, I needed an outfit that would keep me warm and still look cute. Being tall and trying to find clothes that cover all over your limbs can be difficult which is why when choosing my outfit I went with clothes that fit and were long enough to keep me warm.

Fashion Elevation: Can you share the inspiration behind your chosen outfit and how it reflects your personal style as a tall girl?

When selecting my outfit I knew I wanted to wear my black booties and I typically always have a pop of colour on. The black boyfriend jeans go great with the booties and I even rolled them so you could see the fuzzy details on the boots. The orange top gave me that pop of colour I was looking for which definitely reflects my fun, outgoing personality.

Navigating the Night Market: Did being tall provide any advantages or challenges while exploring the vibrant atmosphere of the night market? How did your outfit contribute to your overall experience?

The night market became very crowded very quickly as it is a very popular event in the Winter in Melbourne. I arrived early and was meeting up with a few friends. My height, and theirs because they are also tall, was such an advantage when trying to locate each other at the overwhelmingly busy market! I noticed some people struggling to film or take photos of the atmosphere and food vendors, but I was simply able to capture the moment as I was usually above the crowd and people in front of me. My outfit mainly just made me feel comfortable and have confidence in myself. Being tall in a crowd of people smaller than you can make you feel very noticeable, so knowing that I looked good made me worry less about the thoughts of others.


Standing Out with Confidence: As a tall girl, how does your outfit empower you to embrace your height and express your individuality at a bustling night market?

As a tall girl my outfit empowers me in a few ways. First, the utility of the outfit. Having pants that are long enough just makes me feel so much more confident in my choice of clothing. It can be so frustrating to have to settle on wearing a pair clothes that would look so much better with the outfit if they actually fit. With this outfit, I did not have to settle as the boyfriend fit jeans are totally in style and the perfect length. Second, the simplicity of the pieces of clothes made it easy to choose my outfit. I can be super indecisive when choosing a look but with versatile clothes that look great no matter how you pair them it was easy. Thirdly, as I mentioned above the boyfriend pant is so in style and fashionable right now as well as a classic denim jacket that never goes out of style. The shirt provided that bodycon look that fit like a glove and slimmed my body in all the right places. I was able to not sacrifice a “fashion-forward” look because the clothes not only fit, but were super fresh and in style.

Fashionable First Impressions: Did you noticed any unique reactions or interactions from others at the night market based on your outfit and height? How do you handle such encounters with grace?

I did not have too many unique reactions or interaction from other at the night market. There were a lot of people at the market probably more focused on the atmosphere with food and activities than me. Of course, there were looks us tall gals always get… the “omg she’s so tall” look, but I also found myself searching for other tall gals, almost a “Hi I see you keep killing it” look. In the past, I have handled encounters with a laugh and try to make a joke back. I think some people can be intimidate by tall people, so it helps to remind them we are normal people and not scary giants.

Beyond Style: How does your outfit choice reflect your mindset and attitude as a tall girl in a diverse and vibrant setting like a night market?

I think my outfit choice shows my bold personality with that pop of colour and the way I carried myself walking around the night market shows my confidence in my own skin. If I didn’t feel 100% confident, I wouldn’t have been so eager to take photos and walk in a crowd of people, sometimes having to be a bit pushy. I didn’t want to stand out with my outfit as I already stand out by physically being bigger than everyone. My stylish outfit did the trick as I felt cute & confident but not an eye sore with clothes that were not stylish and fitting.

Fashion and Function: Did you consider practical aspects such as comfort and versatility when choosing your outfit for the night market? How did it contribute to your overall enjoyment of the experience?

Absolutely! I had never been to the night market before, I was going to train into the city, be outside, in a crowd, I definitely wanted to be comfortable. However, I didn’t want to retreat to activewear or trackies as I wear those so often. The boyfriend jeans were stylish, but gave me extra comfort with the waist band so after I ate, I still felt happy in my fitting jeans. I didn’t worry about not being a little bloated after devouring the amazing food at the market because my clothes fit great and had that little extra stretch to keep me comfy all night long.

Tall Tales: Have you ever encountered any misconceptions or stereotypes related to being a tall girl? How does your outfit challenge or debunk those preconceived notions?

I think maybe there is a stereotype for tall women that we all have to play sports. While I do play basketball, not every tall girl is an athlete and that’s okay! It’s important to remember that while I am more than just an athlete. Embracing my feminine style in an outfit helps debunk those preconceived notions and prove that athletes can look cute and stylish too!

The Power of Accessories: Can you share how you incorporated accessories into your outfit to enhance your overall look and make a statement as a tall girl at the night market?

I really embraced the simplicity of my outfit. However, I think my black booties really pulled the look together and gave the outfit an edgier look. The denim jacket also lightened the aesthetic to keep the outfit bright. Some silver hoops helped to dress up the look in a subtle way. I think these three things just took the look from being black jeans and an orange top to a fun, chic outfit.

Style Evolution: How has your fashion journey as a tall girl evolved over time, and how does your outfit for the night market represent your current sense of style and self-expression?

I think my fashion experience has really relied on clothes that fit. Unfortunately, at a young age that sent me towards women’s departments as a teenager. The “trendy” teenager styles didn’t work on my body. Now that I have found a few brands that fit I have been able to have multiple options of clothing items to put together for an outfit, helping me discover different looks and styles. My current sense of style is still very mixed. One day I may be super sporty, another super colourful and retro, and another a bit of a grunge look. Being able to choose what style because of my versatility in clothes is fun. I think my outfit for the night market expresses a few of those styles. A bit grunge with the black jeans and boots but classy and colourful with the orange top and denim jacket.