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September 13, 2017 3 min read

Let’s face it, we all struggle with the items that just don’t fit us so I thought i'd share some of my cheats I've learnt throughout the years! 

Tall Cheat 1.  Roll it up!
Funny how no one notices the length begin too short if you roll it up - and that will because most people think it's been styles purposely that way!!
You ca tun up almost anything with a sleeve or trouser leg.

Tall Cheat 2. Learn to sew
Whether it’s on a sewing machine or by hand, look at the way garments are constructed and learn how to adapt them to your physique and frame.

We’re tall, but even the ‘tall’ companies use a standard ‘tall’ size. Therefore, if you want it taken in at the seams, the back, the shoulder, whatever – learn how to do small adaptations and then progress up. I am certainly no whiz-kid seamstress, but I have been able to adapt a lot of my clothes with a sewing machine.

Tall Cheat 3. Don’t overlook the men’s range.
That's right, I said the M word!! Shopping in the men's section, OMG!!!!
You may turn your nose up and I am certainly not promising pretty styles and sequined dresses!! But if you want track pants, a t-shirt, a hoodie or even a rain jacket that fit in the arms and legs, then sometimes you can get this in the mens section!! I've a navy hoodie from SuperDry that is an XS in Men's - fits snug and the sporty style looks awesome. All my girlfriends always compliment me on it, and here's a secret between you and I - they don't know it's from the men section.

Tall Cheat 4. Borrow your tall sibling's clothes!!
Unfortunately or fortunately (they are a real blessing) I was born with only Brothers and no Sister to borrow from. That said, it has never deterred me from steeling their clothes!! Haazah!
I’ve often pinched some of their trackies and t-shirts to wear, much to their dismay! When the harlem trouser style was in, I 100% wore my brothers oversized chino style trousers with a cute brown belt clinched in at the high waist. I rolled the ends of the legs up and wore with a pair of sexy high heels and a tight tank top. Voila no one ever knew nor questioned that they were even my bro's. Haha. 
Needless to say - no tall company made them in my size so I improvised and still to this day, my little Brother is none the wiser! 

Tall Cheat 5. Shop around.
Because I am not the average height, I presume that everything out there on the high-street just won’t fit. I have therefore learnt the art of shopping around, sometimes in the most unusual places. Those places stem from maternity ranges to get the bigger body length (to tailor of course), at markets, op/charity shops to even browsing random pop-up shops.
Often you'll find the most unusual surprise in non high-street places. A prime example for me was at a pop-up shop around the corner from where I lived. I wasn't going to walk straight past it, but the 'sale' sign lured me in (damn it, I am so early derailed)! Anyhow, on one of the rails were about 10 Maxi skirts all with the $20 sign on them, they looked exceptional long and as a result thought i'd try one on. Little did I know it was an incorrect extra long line the retailer was trying to get rid of!! Hence there being lots let on the rails in comparison to other styles.
So I guess the moral of the story is - don't overlook some of the unusual places to try. There can be some real hidden gems out there!