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February 26, 2018 3 min read

Amongst the many challenges of being a tall woman, your life becomes a constant struggle of finding fashion that fits and feeling / wanting to fit in.

We get it, we understand the frustrating fashion quests, the unrelenting comments of being taller than average. Yep we know you smash all the records when it comes to average!

But the fundamental question we often face is – what to wear?

Average clothes on the racks don’t fit well and often the clothes in your wardrobe don’t live up to the occasion you want them to. So, shopping becomes a frustrating agony when you’re tall! We know it all too well. That feeling of spotting a cute dress, just to see the skirt of it skims your bum or the waistline fits more around your bust-line than your waist.

One word to describe the experience: Frustrating.

Normal people don’t seem to understand this frustration because they can pick just about anything from a high street store and look gorgeous in it. Being tall means, however, multiple visits to the changing room and still not finding anything that fits perfectly. Yeah, we’ve been there. All the more reason to know exactly what kind of fashion suits you; so you don’t waste time in your shopping sprees. Instead feeling good and walking out with a bag full of fabulous well-fitting clothes that make you feel great.

Here are some of our tall girl that we think are key to a better shopping experience:  

Skinny Jeans always work

Perfect way to draw attention and flaunt those sexy long legs! Turning your struggle to your advantage, skinny jeans provide the perfect fit that will make you look elegant and feel confident. If your skinnies are slightly short, pair them up with smart looking shoes and you’ll become a definite head-turner!


Mark the Maxi Dresses

Make sure you pick up a maxi or two during your spree. Maxis are most suitable for tall women since one-piece dresses heighten the look while making you look leaner at the same time. These dresses look good with almost anything; t-shirts underneath, trainers, jackets, chunky jewelry.


Bank The Bold Accessories

Embrace your height for it is a gift. Only few are blessed with height and being able to carry everything off! Flashing big accessories is something that short people are unable to carry well and that is one perk we have as an advantage, so be bold with your accessories and experiment with them to jazz up your outfit!


Vivid & Vibrant Colored Tops

Instead of sticking to the same traditional colors, experiment with something new? Wear colors that stand out. Pops of fiery oranges, red and pinks will look the most appealing on you! Trust us! Pair them up with a solid colored bottom’s or high length boots; you’ll look sensational to many!

Know Your Proportions

Last but not the least: Nothing will work or look good if you are in denial of your measurements! Know how you big, small, bulky or lean you are. Basic knowledge of your body shape will go a long way in helping you dress to impress! Size doesn’t matter vs a garment fitting well so make sure it looks good vs paying attention to the size of the garment. Go for best fit every time. That’s out winning trick.