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July 16, 2018 1 min read

You will of seen this bombshell on our insta feed, Melissa Moyle had a chat with us about being tall. Living in Perth she works in Ecommerce, runs her blog Giraffe Style, models and is a part time athlete.

Check out her out on insta @mellylm_ and her blog www.giraffestyle.me/

Best thing about being tall?
I think long legs are a definite bonus! 
Best Tall Girl Fashion Tip? 
Crop the sleeves on jackets where the sleeves aren't long enough, then the style look purposeful! I find it very difficult to find jackets which fit properly as I have very long arms, even for my height.
Favourite go-to fashion item?
Distressed jeans 
Any weird talents?
I learnt to write backwards before I could write the correct way. When I was very little mum had to read my writing in a mirror! Super weird!
Can't live without make-up or beauty regime? 
A bold lip for sure
Heels or no heels?
Pet peeves of being tall? 
Clothes which aren't long enough! Especially the sleeves on jackets. 
Your tall inspirations? 
Gisele Bündchen 
What would like to see more of for tall women? 
Evening gowns and jeans, although I think there are a lot of brands starting to cater to taller people online now. Also it can be hard to find shoes that are big enough.
Any funny moments your height has caused?
Not really. I've always found it to be a positive experience. Of course there are times when people comment but it's never bothered me!