We've all had them we know they are such dumb questions and yet they are still asked by friends, randoms or acquaintances on a daily basis! 🙈 

1. "Wow! You're really tall!"

Like we didn't know already. 
I always wonder if someone stops to thinks if this is an appropriate question? 
You don't say wow you're really small to a short person...So, it's not ok to say this to a tall person. 

2. "How tall are you?"

6'3". "Are you sure? I'm 6'3" and you're like 4 inches taller than me.
Also me: 

Stop lying about your height dude!

3. "Are your parents tall?"

I mean, come on you went to school and learnt all about DNA & generics, right?!!
What do you want me to say, no they're all 5 foot and I am just the odd one out! 
Giraffes breed giraffes, simples.

4. "We're the same height lying down"


Ain't nobody understand Big Spoon like a tall girl. 


5. "Do you play basketball?"

 I know lots of tall people that do play basketball but I also know lots of tall people that don't. Just because we have a height advantage doesn't mean we all need to play basketball. There are lots of sports we can play. 


6. "Do you have to wear heels? You're already tall enough."

What, you can't deal with me being even taller?

Also me:  

Just because we're tall doesn't mean that we can't wear heels. I am a women, it's my unwritten right! 

7. "How's the weather up there?"

Nope, don't do it, don't ask it, ever. This is literally my face when you ask it. 


8. "Do you like being tall?"

As if that's even a question. 

9. "Have you always been this tall?"

I never know how to answer this one... It was like magic, I went to bed and just woke up like this!


10. "Would you rather be tall or be short?"

Oh please... what do you think! Tall. every single time.