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May 22, 2020 4 min read

We had a chat with Lindsey Simon about all things fashion, life as a tall girl and future plans.
You would have seen this gorgeous tall-girl on our insta feed a few times, we are obsessed with her unique style! Check out her HOF looks @simonsaidd on Instagram for the ultimate fashion inspo!

Height: 6'0" ft

Location: Chicago, IL, USA

Occupation/s? Social Media Manager for a Hospitality Group

What does a typical day look like for you?
Before Covid - a typical day would be; head to work either set up the content for the restaurants that day, host a photo shoot for new items and have a brainstorm meeting for future plans. Maybe head to an event in the city for a new opening or restaurant launch!

Best thing about being tall?
Not being short! HAHA But in all seriousness, I think clothing looks better on us (when we find ones that fit of course) and we stand out in a crowd which I would rather be noticed then looked over & forgotten about.

Favourite go-to fashion item?
Oh this is hard hmm either a leather jacket - this can dress up or instantly make your outfit 10x cooler. Or a hat - I am a sucker for hats as you can see on my IG - I think they really amp up an outfit plus you don't have to do your hair which I love too!
Best Tall Styling Tip?
Embrace the floods - I know growing up I hated how much shorter my pants were on me especially jeans but I've learned to accept that. Either fold them to make it look like it's on purpose + have a killer pair of shoes on to show off. Or wear a fun pair of socks or tights to add to your look.

You're favourite thing recently?
When it comes to fashion I am loving the new biker shorts trend - this is a great excuse for us tall girls to wear those dresses that are a bit too short and now rock them! I just bought a pair of leather ones and paired with this short baby doll dress that I would have returned before styling with the shorts!

Heels or no heels?
Depends on the look - some outfits do look better and need a heel. But I am also known to rock my Converse or Docs with a dress or skirt!

Pet peeves of being tall?
The constant 'omg how tall are you' 'wait you're so tall' comments that never seem to end. Like no sh#* I am tall. I am aware... Thank you for reminding me. Also dating while being a tall female is very difficult. A) finding a male I find attractive + being tall + being a good person is SO HARD. B) They're either intimidated by our height or only go for short girls. UGH

Your tall inspirations?
The reason I started 'blogging' about being tall was after I received a message from about 6 girls all around the world who we're all tall bloggers, they brought me into their group and I had never had this community before of others like me. It  was / is incredible. I never had that growing up so I hope to be that for other girls out there struggling with their height too. Also Tezza is my #1 Muse - she is also 6ft and is the most stylish / artist women I have ever seen and I aspire to be just like her!

What would like to see more of for tall women? 
I'd love more edgy, trendy, stylish pieces vs the 'basics' Maybe it's because of my personal style and I love keeping up with the trends but that‘s why I love HOF - your patterns, cuts and styles are unique and trendy! They're things I would pick up normally at a store not just because they're 'longs' but because I like how they look!

Your plans for your business/blog/branding next?
I pride myself on being authentic and real not just showcasing my 'tall girl tips' but my day to day life, struggles and other great items I have discovered along the way. I definitely want to feature more tall girl styling tips in the future! How to wear 1 dress 4 different ways - how to dress up or dress down a pair of jeans, etc is kind of the idea :)

One thing you'd like to say to your younger self?
They're only making fun of you because they're jealous. Stand up straight and do you!! It took me so long to wrap my brain around the jealousy factor and fully accept my height. I can't lie I still struggle from time to time but I can't change that and it's who I am. Find others out there like you and connect. That has been my saving grace. Hype each other up and not down. Once you see others out there like you dealing with the same issues, everything will come into place for the best <3