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June 23, 2020 2 min read

Today is National Tall Girl Day! A day where we can brag even more about how great being tall really is. 

If we started a tall girl school these would be our top ten tips/lessons to surviving tall girl life. HOF School is in session!

1. ALWAYS order the extra leg room on long haul flights

Believe me when I say that cramped legs are not a vibe! Spending the additional money on extra leg room can completely change your in-flight experience.


2. Extra long pants do not apply to us

When you buy full length jeans and they look like ¾ pants on you. Sis, we feel your pain. Finding full length pants will be your biggest struggle! But they are out there, Height-Of-Fashion jeans and leggings has you covered!


3. You'll never struggle to go on a ride at a carnival

By the time you’re five, you’ll be able to go on every ride in the carnival! Having to check your height will never be an issue for you.


4. Mini cars are not our best friends 

Weekend getaway in a mini car, NO THANK YOU! The last time we probably entered a mini-car was when we drove dodgem cars.


5. Stand tall in photos

You’re a leggy lady, and that’s awesome. A surefire way to look awkward in a photo is to feel awkward, so let go of any hang-ups and just pretend you’re a contestant on America's Next Top Model. You can smile your way to photographic perfection. HOF tribe never underestimate the power of a tall girl mirror selfie.


6. If anyone tells you not to wear heels, IGNORE THEM.

If you want to wear heels, wear them. Remember people don’t just wear heels to be taller but to feel their best and accessorise an outfit. Those heels in your wardrobe were meant for walking, so flaunt your sexy long legs.


7. You no longer have to shop in the menswear section for comfy basics

We're so used to shopping in the menswear section for comfy trackies, but look no more. Our new lounge wear range is coming soon ;)

8. Don't be afraid to date shorter guy

Good things do come in small packages – in fact, science says short men make better partners – so it’s time to get over your fear of height(s). Don’t keep "the guy should be taller"-opinion alive. Can guarantee you that there are guys who haven't thought it worth it to try and approach you because they thought it would be a waste of time because they're shorter than you.


9. Don’t shy away from wearing fashionable clothes

Being tall doesn’t mean you have to wear basic clothes and not wear what you truly want to wear. Here at HOF we believe in creating trendy styles and designs that flatter a tall women’s body and flaunt our long tall legs not hide them.


10. Embrace your height

The most important thing to take away from this post is to love your height. It's what makes you beautiful and unique. You can pull off any outfit with the right confidence and posture.