March 07, 2020 2 min read

Happy International Women's Day! Here at Height of Fashion we are all about female empowerment, being bold and celebrating being a woman. This year's International women's day theme is all about #eachforequal, so we find out more about 2020's influential women inspo. 

Read more about the 5 Influential Women we are admiring in 2020:

1. Amal Clooney 

Not only does Amal give us major fashion inspiration with her flawless and elegant fashion looks, but she has worked tirelessly throughout her career to defend the rights of women and refugees.

A few of the many things she has achieved are; providing education to more than 3000 Syrian refugees, defended Nadia Murad in court against ISIS and is a voice for gender injustices around the globe. Amal has taught us that we must continue to stand tall and speak up for what we as women deserve. She has made a great influence in this world and proves she is not just a high-profile wife to George Clooney.   

2. Susan Wojcicki

This influential woman is one to admire in the business world. Youtube CEO, she has worked hard to start her social media platform. Susan took a leap of faith by creating a social network empire in a tech industry dominated by males. She shows how incredible women can be by balancing a huge company, being a mother to 5 children and defending women's rights in the workplace. If only we had an idea like Youtube and became billionaires right?... 

3. Rosa Parks

Rosa Park's legacy lives on to this day with her efforts to end racial segregation. We must continue to educate others and embody racial equality and unbiased opinions just like Rosa spent her whole life doing. Her heroic actions are to be admired and appreciated despite her hardships and racial discrimination she received. 

4. Celeste Barber 

 You may have heard of the efforts Celeste Barber has put towards the Australian bushfires we have been experiencing this summer season. Celeste's Facebook fundraiser managed to raise a staggering $51.3 million in donations. Despite the controversy, her main priority is for the money to be raised to go to the victims, habitats and wildlife that absolutely need the money. In the words of Celeste Barber, don't let anyone tell you where and how you should give your money.  

5. Holley Somerville Knott 

This 15 year old proves that there is no age for making a difference in the world. As the CEO of Tell Someone Who Cares and someone who took sustainability into her own hands. This young girl is already fighting against large corporations for the removal of palm oil from their products due to the impact on our environment. Her leadership and passion for sustainability is something we all must strive after the tragedies we have experienced in Aus. This young Aussie is one to look out for!

Today is all about us, so celebrate and be your confident self! Happy International Women's Day lovelies!