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October 20, 2018 2 min read

We asked our Tall Model Babe Sara Blicavs to answer some quick fun questions on being tall, what she does and what she likes.... 
We ♥️ her response because having known and worked with Sara for a while now, her answers are 100% her personality to a tee. Big love guuuurl xx

Name: Sara Blicavs 
Full time baller, part time coffee connoisseur
If someone had to describe you in 5 words of less it’ll be?
One hell of an extroverted adventurer (6 words, sorry)
Best thing about being tall?
People literally and figuratively look up to you! Shoulders back girls, be proud.
Best Tall Girl Fashion Tip?
I roll up the bottom of my jeans creating cuffs, lucky it’s in fashion now, I like to claim I started it :)
Favourite go-to fashion item?
My style is very boho so any throw on dress that requires no bra is me to a tee.
Any weird talents?
I can’t say I’m an owner of any weird talents unfortunately, my personality is weird in a good way so let’s just claim that.
Can't live without make-up or beauty regime?
Moisturise and hydrating the face. All day every day. I use ‘Swisse deep sea hydrating mist toner’ on my skin like there is no tomorrow.
Heels or no heels?
Bare feet
Pet peeves of being tall?  
Finding jeans that fit. Also, I find most attractive men go for little women , such a bummer.
Your tall inspirations?
Karlie Kloss is pretty inspirational. But mainly my mother, she taught me so much about confidence and good posture, standing tall and with pride etc.
What would like to see more of for tall women?
I would love to see more taller models. I know they usually are above average height, but let’s see some more in our range!
Any funny moments your height has caused?
A crazy lot of banged heads on lamps, in door ways or just getting tangled in cobwebs  😂
Favourite HOF garment and why?
The button front orange cami dress and the emerald envy dress are beautiful but you also cannot go past the stretch black leggings (wardrobe staple)

Your favourite quote of the day?
You can’t control the uncontrollable so don’t stress and be happy.


Check out Sara's Blog for more fun, fresh sporting content 🙌