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August 19, 2020 2 min read

We recently had a chat to our previous competition winner and tall girl fashion blogger Delaney Hollenbeck (better know as @inthetalllane on Instagram) about her day-to-day life, tall styling tips and much more!

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Height: 6'4

Location: Atlanta, GA

Occupation/s? Inventory Planning for The Home Depot corporate

What does a typical day look like for you? 
A typical day looks very different now than a few months ago!  I've been working remotely and feel very fortunate to be working for such a wonderful company. I love to cook at home and exercise around my adorable neighbourhood in the heart of Atlanta. 

What do you love most about HOF Jeans? 
They aren't too baggy or too tight and they don't stretch out after wearing them for a while. They are the perfect height for high waisted jeans. And the length of course is unbeatable! 

Best activity to do in Jeans? 
Anything! Jeans are the most versatile garment!

Best thing about being tall?
Standing out immediately and being remembered! The height and the red hair is a pretty rare combination!

Favourite go-to fashion item?
I love a good matching two-piece set! Can we make sure that trend doesn't fade out?!

Best Tall Styling Tip?
Play with layers (tucked in top with a long duster/cardigan), wear midi dresses and accentuate the waist if you need to (they were kind of made for tall people!), & OWN your height!

You're favourite thing recently? 
Trying new recipes!

Heels or no heels?
Both! I love heels as much as I love a good pair of sneakers! And any tall girl that feels self-conscious in heels, DON'T! You're taller than them anyway. What's another couple inches? 

Pet peeves of being tall?
Being told I'm tall constantly! I KNOW , PEOPLE! Think of a more creative statement.

Your tall inspirations?
Honestly the tall girl community on Instagram! Everyone is so wonderful and builds each other up. We're all looking for tall finds and it's fun to share with each other to make it a little less frustrating to shop!

What would like to see more of for tall women?  
Shoe options that are affordable! We're tall which means our feet are bigger! And wide leg/flare jeans in 37-39" inseams! 

Your plans for your business/blog/branding next?
I'd like to launch a website and do more writing and share more of my experiences with being tall! 

One thing you'd like to say to your younger self?
Shopping will get easier as technology advances! And to embrace my height no matter what!