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February 15, 2019 2 min read

Recently we had the pleasure of chatting to Holly Burt, who boasts some of the longest legs in America. 

She answered our questions about foot fetishes, how her height has lead to jobs (No, not in sports) and her favourite fashion items.



Graphic designer


If someone had to describe you in 5 words of less it's be?

Tall (duh), quick witted, extroverted and wine enthusiast.





Best thing about being tall? 

You’re always remembered everywhere you go, so better be on your best behaviour! My job and any kind of publicity I’ve gotten has been through random people I’ve met that started with the question; how tall are you, or somebody curious about my height?


Best Tall Girl Fashion Tip? 

Skinny jeans and booties are my best friends.


Favourite go-to fashion item?

I love my pink Nike Air Force ones. 


Any weird talents?

Still can not touch my toes, does that count?


Can't live without make-up or beauty regime? 

Moisturiser and just a slick of mascara. 

Heels or no heels?
Typically no heels, but I have broken them out on special occasions.


Pet peeves of being tall?

Oh my god there are so many but I’ll keep it brief!

It’s never me having pet peeves about myself, it’s always OTHER people and their obvious questions and the “you should” speech. “You should..' play basketball, watch your head, date an NBA player, etc etc. 


Your tall inspirations? 
Super Model Karli Kloss and fitness blogger Rozanne Van Dijk (@zannavandijk)


What would like to see more of for tall women? 

A more widespread option of clothing... you see plus sizes being advocated for in clothing brands but I feel that tall and extra long sizes are not talked about as much.


Any funny moments your height has caused?

A lot of men reach out to me about my feet!

I guess being a tall women and having big feet is a sort of fetish, so I did my senior thesis at college on this. 


Favourite HOF garment and why? 

Definitley the black leggings and leather skirt. The leggings are TRULY long and don’t bunch up at the crotch. The skirt you can dress up or dress down, and I can even wear it to work without breaking dress code, then also wear it for a night out.


Your favourite quote of the day? 

You cant make an omelette without breaking some eggs.