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May 13, 2019 3 min read

The stylish sisters Caitlin and Jenilee road test our extra long HOF jeans. The duo make up The Real Tall, a blog dedicated to reviewing quality tall clothing and keeping it real about being above average. We couldn't think of a better pair to review our jeans and were keen to see how they styled them. 

Jenilee trialed the Ripped Skinny Jeans, while Caitlin kept it classic in the Dark Wash Skinny Jeans. 

We asked them for their thoughts on the HOF jeans and life on the taller side.

What are your heights ladies?

Caitlin is 5'11 and Jenilee 6'4.

3 words that come to mind about your HOF jeans?

Sexy, Stylish and Confidence.

Whats a pet peeve when buying jeans?

HANDS DOWN, the waist to butt/thigh ratio. As curvy ladies, we have experienced this over and over; sizing up to fit our butt and thighs and then have the waist gap. Especially when sitting down.

Favourite yoga move in your HOF jeans?

Warrior 1, it is so ridiculously easy to move around in them!

Tell us more about that HOF stretch...

The biggest improvement we've noticed is around the knee. Normally when you sit down in a skinny jean, you notice how tight it is, but literally every detail is well thought out!

What do you usually pair with your skinny jeans?

A favourite blouse, like the HOF lace blouse, and a pair of strappy heels.

Besides skinny jeans, what would you say is your favourite denim styles?

We have been loving a good girlfriend/mom jean lately. Sometimes it's nice to have a straight fit down the leg, for a thigh skimming look.

What do you love about being taller?  

Always being able to see in a crowd, as well as breathing fresher air and being able to find people.

Any weird talents?  

Does eating massive quantities of food count? We can definitely both put away the snacks, desserts and anything in between! And in contrast we can also lift quite a bit of weight! You know, to balance out the food we eat!

Sounds ideal to us!

Because you're the professionals, any fashion tips?   

Try EVERYTHING on. You may shock yourself with how much you like a new style. We used to be closed minded, thinking certain things would never work on our frames, but have been surprised numerous times.

Favourite go-to look?

Whenever we're scrambling, we default to skinny jeans, a bodysuit and a faux leather jacket. It's classic and never fails to look put together!

Heels or no heels?

Mainly no heels in daily life, but always down to throw on a pair for events!

Pet peeves of being tall?

People being aggressive towards you because they're intimidated by height.

What would like to see more of for tall women clothing wise?  

A mix of on-trend and timeless items. The perfect little black dress, or a well fitting button up shirt. Another blazer as fabulous as the linen boyfriend blazer!

Any funny tales come from your height?

Caitlin briefly dated a guy who essentially ghosted her. Come to find out it was because he was intimidated by the size of her hands. He thought they were bigger than his. HA! Cut to a year later and him asking to date again because his friends all said he made a mistake. Unfortunately for him that ship had sailed.


You can read the lovely ladies' full HOF reviews at www.therealtall.com/